Project Overview

Around the world, Overwatch teams have begun playing live matches in their home towns as part of a series of games known as “homestand” games. As part of Mother Design's continued relationship with Andbox and it’s New York City based Overwatch team NYXL, Andbox tapped us to bring their first-ever homestand at Hammerstein Ballroom to life.

Though NYXL has been playing for over two years, this event marked the first time the team would be playing in their home town of New York City. As such, XL Weekend was not just the kick off to their second season but also the first time their fans would be able to watch them play live in their hometown. 

Knowing that this was the first time fans would be able to connect with their team and each other in this way, we put them at the center of our thinking and designed an event built to highlight and amplify their experience. Using a mix of motion, sonic and lighting design we created an event that not only felt uniquely New York but was also a living expression of the NYXL spirit. We transformed Hammerstein ballroom into a rich and engaging world that allowed fans both at home and watching live to connect with their community and feel the energy of the team’s presence.

XL weekend was the first event of its kind in New York City. It set a precedent for all future live esports matches and put esports on the map in the sports industry at large.

Mother Design

Kim Chavez
Michael Coffman
Molly Dauphin
Danielle Horanieh
Katt Kiner
George Lavender
Nathan Manou
Teague Miller
Mark Sloan
Tian Wang
Yaya Xu
Jess Yan

Photography by Rob Blair


Farzam Kamel
Matt Lucero
Collette Gangemi
Rohit Gupta
Scott Wilpon