Project Overview

Instagram tapped us to help position and design a brand for their debut chat app, Threads, built for teens to connect in their own terms. As a standalone app, Threads prioritizes speed and personalization with features like opening direct open-to-camera and custom auto statuses. Unlike its sister app, Threads is not a place to broadcast to the world, but rather, a dedicated space for sharing amongst close friends. And for teens, the connection in a digital space is as real as IRL. As such, creating a unique sense of place was foundational to the brand.

We personified Threads as a portal that bridges digital and physical connections. Our wordmark and typographic voice behave like live conversation, with tonal variation and personality. The visual language extracts elements from the product UI and places them in the real world: texts, status updates, 3D emojis and doodles subvert photography and headlines; gradients activate the space and become dimensional material surfaces.

Threads makes a point to get out of the way of its users and places teens at the center, always presenting the world from their point of view and celebrating the freeness of unfiltered expression that’s reserved for close friends.

Mother Design NYC

Danielle Horanieh
Dave Kerr
George Lavender
Nathan Manou
Mark Sloan
Morgan Smith
Yaya Xu
Jess Yan


Enrique Mosqueda