Project Overview

The Internet, on a good day, is a place where we discover new knowledge that can change how we live. It might even make us and the world a little better.

Since their founding in 2012, Medium has evolved in pursuit of that mission, acting as a counterpoint to the downward spiral of online discourse. With ad-fueled clickbait on one side and echo chambers filled with our own opinions on the other, things have been heading from worse to a whole lot worse.

Over the course of the last year, we partnered with Medium to push their mission forward by strengthening their platform and their brand. We've always believed that bold, confident voices travel far. The more we learned about Medium, the more we were inspired to help push their voice—and the diversity of ideas it promotes—to travel as far as it could.

This evolution of the Medium platform is aimed to encourage deeper relationships and exchanges between readers and writers—to be a place for a new idea to be challenged by different perspectives, grow stronger, reach its potential, expand its audience—and thrive. Simply put, every idea needs a Medium.


Nick Ace
Ian Aronson
Brian Collins
Tom Elia
Mari Juliano
Matt Kuzelka
George Lavender
Andy Liang
Tomas Markevicius
Eric Park
Diego Segura
Allison Solomson
Alex Wallace


Noah Baker
Kristen Cesiro
Ryan Hubbard
Alexis Lloyd
Renald Louissaint
Richard Sancho
Breyden Sheldon
Michael Sippey
Karene Tropen
Ev Williams